Courage + Purpose: Magazine for Women EntrepreneursWelcome to Courage + Purpose. We’re four women, from three tribes.

We’re one distinct entity with a single mission we plan to accomplish through Courage + Purpose.

Meet us: Sarah, Brandyn, Susan and Mariel. We’re individuals, but all four of us possess common characteristics and objectives that we want to share with women all over the world. Having connected with each other immediately, forming a bond of friendship and new business ventures, we’ve joined forces to share our synergy and start a movement. There is a power in numbers, especially when we share one goal: to inspire women to reach further than they’ve ever imagined.

The four of us live with courage and purpose. We endeavor to serve other women, like us, who hustle with heart. Each a dynamic entrepreneur and advocate of women’s empowerment in and of ourselves, together, we form a unit, aspiring and committing to serve other women of like minds and actions.

Please excuse our appearance as we build out our site.


Sarah (L), Brandyn, Susan, and Mariel (R)